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Tuesday, December 01, 2009 @
Reading a new book now.

The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks

it's a good read. Can't put it down. You can check out YouTube. Search "The Last Song" trailer. Check out the song too. Love it!! When I look at you - Miley Cyrus

Okay, I know it's been like a week, but I just got to share this great experience with all of you

The day I came back from Camp Dreadful, I had another camp, CEC. CEC, the annual camp of the year! Whatever, besides the point. So as soon I got back my phone, I received 15 messages. One of 'em was from Leon saying,"Hey Chloe, call me asap. Got good news". I'm not dumb, I immediately called my Mommy and she was like, "eh, you know they going to watch New Moon tonight?" Argh, surprise spoiler. When I got off the off, I literally screamed.

Wanted to go to Church ASAP. Missed them so much. I found out that Bev's dad got like 12 or 14 tickets to the NEW MOON premier. So cool, right?? The premier was at Lido, the biggest theater in Singapore. There was a red carpet and everything! Since I was the biggest fan of the group, Bev brought me to the 'with invitations only' function. Of course there weren't any celebs or anything. There were loads of food though=D.

The theater was HUGE! Besides the point. Since it was a premier, they gave free goodie bags. How cool is that?? In the goodie bag was that chocolates, sweets, calender and a POSTER. I got Edward, it was alright.

NEW MOON WAS AWESOME! When Edward came out, in slow mo, many screamed. When Jacob came out, almost all everyone screamed/shrieked, including me! Seriously, Taylor Launter made the show!!!!! No doubt about that.

After the show. We were discussing and Leon opened his poster and to my surprise, it was Jacob!! I screamed(again. I know. I'm crazy)

I have to words to describe how grateful I am to Bev's dad. Thanks!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 @
Sup sup y'all.
It's finally the last session for Choir. However, I might have more Choir sessions. Sounds like fun? Not at all... I guess I have to admit that during these past 8 sessions, I have made new friends and sort of had fun. But still. More??? To make things worst, NEW MOON comes out on that week I have to go back. It's not right. I have to prepare myself for Taylor Lautner! Hahaha. (BTW, E's crazy about him)

Had a very eventful day yesterday. Was woken up from a very bad dream by Daddy at 10-ish to help my aunt move things. I mostly just held the lift or took care of the stuff while the others carried the other stuff down. Hahaha. Finish at around 4 and went home. Decided that I wanted to go out and so I called my Mommy. Went to J8 and ate at Cafe Cartel. Yum yum. Got a book at Popular and went home. Okay, maybe that's not very eventful...

Watched 2012 on Friday night. - *smacks forehead*

Just to let you know: I'm Chloe!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 @
Speaking hypothetically...
You don't like someone(let's call her Sonny), let's say, because she acts cute and simply because she's not the kind of friends you can't stand. But let's say that's her way and thus cannot change. After a year plus of friendship, you somehow decided to "don't like" that person because Sonny decided to help another friend which by the way is just joking. Sonny also had a very good reason to not help you; you started it first so you somehow deserved it in the first place. Sonny is now in a very sad because of something that had happened, so it's the time where she needs her friends the most, are you going to let her down? She was joking, she can't always be helping only you, are you going to let something so mere affect your friendship of years?

Speaking hypothetically...
it's end of the year, days away from the last day of school, can't we just enjoy and not fight?

Sunday, October 25, 2009 @
phew. I've finally picked my subject combinations. Now, it is not important what I've picked. What only matters is the results. Dont ask why but I'm not telling you my choices. It's simply not important. So i would appreciate your ignorance.

Well, exams are over, got my results and.. it's alright. Kinda angry at a particular teacher who's so nosy. " you think you can pass your English like that ah? fairly good is mediorce??"

I've been complaining my head off this week. Mostly because of irritating people like the above example. Hmm. Maybe that's why i have a sore throat now. God's telling me to stop complaining. Hahahah. But seriously, if there were less irritating people to irritate me, I'd wouldn't be complaining so much, thus making my world a better place. Complaining also helps me relax. I can relax after releasing all the tension that's in my body. Therefore, complaining is good. However, some things are not worth complaining, also by irritating people who irritate me. These are the kind that i seriously feel like hurting, as in seriously.

Speaking of hurting... I was watching a DVD today, "Another Cinderella Story". Heard of it? Yeh, so i was watching it and, somehow the "bad" people in the movie are so, so, BITCHY! Seriously, who on earth, our little green( or not so green anymore) planet, have such an evil person. GOSH!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 @

So. Why was Shawn Lee a lousy test subject? It started like this...

I finished drinking from my water bottle( it was those kind of recyclable ones), i was bored after school, waiting for Caroline and Eileen to pack their stuff. I started hitting the table with the bottle like drums, I realized that the bottle could bounce off the table. It just so happens that Shawn Lee was walking past. So out of curiosity, i threw the bottle at him to see if it could bounce off. Sadly, it failed. Later, i tried to throw it at the trash bin but it bounced off too. I looked at Shawn and said something like, "The dustbin is bouncier than you."
Conclusion: Shawn is not bouncy. At all.

Someone threw at pen at me today. Wonder why though... But no worries! I kinda like that pen.=D

Monday, August 31, 2009 @
Hello there.
Tomorrow is Teacher's Day, so it will be a school holiday. Finally a break! I sometimes get annoyed when the teachers say, " Teachers' Day is for TEACHERS to enjoy not for students to break." Whatever!!! We, students, still get a day of break, right? So? Give us all the homework you want, at least I don't have to wake up at 6.45am.

That day I took this government-school survey thingy, asking about how the school is like, how are the teachers and some other stuff. There was this particular question that is still on my mind. "Would you go back to your secondary school after O level or A level?" I answered disagree. Don't get me wrong; I like my school. It's just that I don't even go back to my primary school, you expect me to go back to secondary school? Yeah, there's no wrong to go back. But it's just that sometimes you need to MOVE ON. It's just my opinion, don't come bashing me up just because you don't like what i said.

Monday, August 17, 2009 @

The strangest thing happened today.
I have Home Economics on Wednesdays and obviously today is not Wednesday. I leave my HE stuff which include my two tuberware with one apron in one of them and my HE textbook, in my friend's, Joey, locker who, without fail, will bring it to me on the day itself or the day before. So today after recess, i found my HE stuff on my table. Odd? Wait there's more. After school, I asked Joey and she was just as clueless as me; she was not the one who put it on my table. There are a few wrong things here- How could anyone open Joey's locker? Why did that person, whoever it is, take my TWO tuberwares and not my HE textbook with it? How did that person know where i was sitting in class????? In conclusion; I'm scared...

But here's something to laugh about.
On friday after school, i was waiting for the bus at the bus stop with a group of Sec 1s, 2 boys and 1 girl, and this other guy who was not in uniform. Maybe he was suspended or something. Yeah. Girls are girls, they act kinda bimbodic and tough at the same time to impress guys. Suddenly, she screamed because there were hundreds of ants on the seat. The dude who was not wearing uniform came to the and tried to kill the ants using his feet. I stared in shock. It is NOT easy to kill ants with your shoe. I emphasize on that! It is almost impossible. That's wrong number one. Number two. After she persuaded the guy to stop what he was doing, SHE did it. Number three. I couldn't believe what that not uniform guy was wearing. SO WRONG! Red shirt. Cargo pants. BLUE jacket. And White and Orange sanddals as in one is white and the other is orange. I wanted to laugh on the spot seeing him wearing that blue jacket in like what? 30 degrees? Let me tell you. He did not look appealing.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved cousin, Leon AKA Ming Zhi. Thanks for always being there for me! You're the best and good luck for your O levels.

(although i don't think he'll be seeing this message. Oh well.)

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